Interpreting Services


To make oral communication flow between English and German participants on a high professional level, please choose from the following options:

Conference Interpreting

This is a time-saving option for seminars and conferences as no extra time is required for interpreting. The translation is received at the same time as the original speech, which is why it is also referred to as Simultaneous Interpretation. The interpreter usually works in a soundproof booth and provides interpretation via a microphone to participants wearing headphones.

Consecutive Interpreting

This is a great option for welcome speeches, tour guiding and training workshops.
No special equipment is required. Interpretation is done in intervals after the speaker.

Types of consecutive interpreting include:

  • Court interpreting
  • Community interpreting, e.g. at the hospital
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Telephone conference or video conference interpreting

"Professional interpretation enables you to focus on the content rather than the language"

Please contact me and I can work out the best solution for you.


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